What can I do to improve my smile? Philadelphia, PA

What can I do to improve my smile? Philadelphia, PA enter image description here For any occasion, you want to be confident enough to smile! Pictures at special events last a lifetime and therefore it is very essential to have a healthy and happy smile. At Walnut Street Smiles, we help you craft your perfect smile. Here are some tips to improve your smile.

Have your teeth cleaned

Call (215) 564-1025 and schedule a teeth cleaning with our dental office in Philadelphia. Plaque and tartar are removed during teeth cleaning and make your teeth appear clean.

Teeth whitening options

Teeth turn yellow due to various reasons- taking antibiotics, having frequent coffee, soda etc. Teeth stains make you look older and unhealthy. Teeth whitening strips are also an option but they take a long time to produce real results. enter image description here At Walnut Street Smiles, our team will first make sure that your mouth is healthy enough to support a successful whitening protocol. In case of decay or disease, our team will address those problems before whitening can begin. KOR whitening is recognized as the world’s most effective teeth whitening system.

KoR Whitening Procedure

KoR whitening trays are constructed with high quality materials which can hold the whitening gel in place properly without overflowing into the oral cavity. These trays are made from highly precise impressions of your teeth that we take in our office. The KoR whitening process requires patients to wear the trays while sleeping for two weeks. The KoR whitening procedure comprises of an entire line of refrigerated whitening gels which are refrigerated right from the moment of manufacture.