Get your Chipped Tooth Fixed at Your Dentist’s Office

enter image description here Get your Chipped Tooth Fixed at Your Dentist’s Office

A chipped tooth might not feel like it needs dental care, but you should still have it checked out by a dentist. A chipped tooth can be the result of biting down on hard substances, like ice or hard candy, falls or car accidents, playing contact sports without a mouth guard, grinding your teeth when you sleep or a blunt force trauma. In case of an Emergency, please call or text us on 215-564-1025. Read more about Emergency dental services.

Teeth that have been weakened by tooth decay are more vulnerable to chips. Tooth decay can be a cause of cavities, eating a lot of acid-producing foods or sugary foods, alcohol, or any eating disorders.

Why your chipped tooth needs treatment enter image description here Fixing a chipped tooth as soon as it happens ensures your mishap doesn't cause further problems. Here are some reasons why you should get treatment for your chipped tooth.

1. Protects against tooth decay

Tooth enamel protects the inner most layers from bacteria and acids in the mouth. When a tooth is chipped, enamel is damaged the most, thereby acids created by oral bacteria get into the tooth’s inner layers easily. The oral bacteria starts eating away the inner structure and tooth decay further accelerates.

2. Leads to an improved smile

A chipped tooth, especially in the front of the mouth is impossible to hide. A chipped tooth in the front of the mouth is impossible to miss. Some people avoid talking and smiling in an attempt to hide the chipped tooth. Visit us in Philadelphia if you ever chipped your teeth. Veneers are a great option to show off your smile confidently. Read more about Veneers here.

3. Protects against infection

An untreated chipped tooth is more vulnerable to tooth decay which further develops into an infection. The infection is caused because of the pulp chamber in the tooth being opened up. A Pulp chamber houses the tooth’s nerve, tissues and blood vessels. Due to untreated chipped tooth and tooth decay, harmful oral bacterial make their way inside the tooth infecting the tooth decay. Caution: Untreated tooth infections lead to serious health conditions with the infection spreading to other parts of the body. Got chipped teeth and looking for a Emergency dentist in Philadelphia? Call us on 215-564-1025 or book your appointment now!