How Missing Teeth Affect Your Face and Jawbone

Missing teeth affects not only your smile but also your ability to chew, speak and smile. It also affects your jawbone and face. When teeth are lost due to an accident or due to periodontal disease, the natural tooth root lacks nourishment which leads to loss of bone in your jaw. The result due to bone loss are not visible immediately, but can be seen in a couple of weeks, resulting in wrinkles and collapsed cheeks. Due to these changes, you will look older than your actual age! Missing teeth also results in bone loss because of lack of proper stimulation. Bone loss leads to difficulty in chewing and speaking as well. Additionally, the neighboring teeth are also affected. For missing teeth, Dental implants are an apt solution compared to dentures or bridges as Dental Implants help stimulate the bone and aid in the maintenance of your jaw bone. Dental implants are undoubtedly a superior solution and affix the prosthetic firmly in the mouth- unlike dentures which can slip and cause slurred speech. Since Dental implants are firmly fixed, the wearer has a greater confidence to smile, eat, socialize with friends etc. It is absolutely essential to replace missing teeth with dental implants in a timely manner- to preserve the integrity of the jaw bone and avoid receding gum lines.
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