Taking care of your teeth after Invisalign

enter image description here We are so glad that you have opted for Invisalign braces and hope that you are seeing the result of your investment. Invisalign braces should be cared for and protected by following the regular dental care routine and also scheduling appointments with your orthodontist! Here are some tips by Dr. Garima Sinha from Walnut Street Smiles. enter image description here Proper retainer care: Tending to your smile once you get Invisalign is far from over. Wearing a retainer as prescribed by your orthodontist helps you keep your teeth in place. Failing to wear a retainer only means your teeth will be shifting back to their original position. This disrupts your smile and does not give the intended results. Replace your retainer every year as they protect teeth from damage. Clean your retainer every night with a solution strictly prescribed by your orthodontist. Cleaning your retainers with toothpaste might dull the finish of your aligners and eventually lead to build up of bacteria.

Brushing and Flossing: After Invisalign treatment, your gums might feel sensitive for a week or two. Be sure to take extra care while brushing and flossing to avoid any damage to your teeth or gums.

Regular Check-ups: Regular dental checkups are important for everyone, especially for Invisalign patients. Your orthodontist would examine how your teeth are being aligned and also would make adjustments to your retainers if needed.

Stay on top of your Invisalign regimen to maintain your healthy smile. In case of any queries, do reach out to us on (215) 564- 1025