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Though many things have changed over the past few months, it is needless to say that our policy on Patient safety has not changed. At Walnut Street Smiles, our front-line staff have always been committed to your safety and well-being. In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have enhanced our dental offices and also ramped up the new safety and infection control protocols to break the chain of infection.

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• We follow the latest infection control recommendations made by CDC and ADA to ensure our commitment of providing the highest quality care.

• These recommendations require you to follow a slightly different process than usual for meeting with your dentist. However, please be assured that these changes are for the better and serve as a precautionary measure for you and your family.

• Some of these changes in process include: new patient forms to be filled online or to be downloaded and shared back to our email address , pre-screening questionnaire of your current health status etc.

• Our office layout structure has also been enhanced to encourage social distancing and all our staff are equipped with protective gear in accordance with the safety norms.

• Our standard precautions begin with comprehensive cleaning and sterilization of the entire office.

• In lieu of the current situation, you may be requested to be seated in your car or an alternative waiting arrangement.

• Hand washing has been proven to be the greatest defense against COVID-19, however it is equally important for both the staff and patients to self-report any signs of ill-health as a responsible citizen.

• Our new protocol also puts in place the practice of measuring temperature of every individual- both staff and patients prior to being let inside the dental office.

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