The Benefits of Dental Implants in 2020 - Philadelphia, PA

The Benefits of Dental Implants in 2020 - Philadelphia, PA The issue of missing teeth can have addressed efficiently with Dental Implants. Though dentures are another option, some patients might be uncomfortable with them. Dental implant procedure is one of the most successful procedures in dental and cosmetic practices. Bring back your beautiful smile with dental implants.

The dental implant procedure involves the placement of prosthetic teeth which are actually Titanium implants are placed in the jaw bone. These serve as replacements of the tooth roots that have been lost with the teeth. There are 3 main parts of dental implants: the implant, the abutment, and the arch (or crown).

Why dental implants? Why dental implants?

Missing teeth: Tooth loss can happen for many reasons such as tooth decay, periodontal disease, injury etc.

Compromised jawbone: When tooth is lost, the surrounding teeth also start drifting which results in loss of integrity of the jawbone.

For eating: To be able to consume a variety of foods for a balanced diet.

How long after dental implants can one eat normally?

After 6 months of the procedure, the titanium implants are expected to fuse properly with the jaw bone and the dental implant recipient is expected to return to normal diet. During the healing process, it is essential to avoid chewy foods, foods which require force to bite into or foods with small pieces like popcorn which increases the risk of food getting stuck, thereby causing an infection.

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