Facts That Can Make Patients Consider the Need for Sealants – Philadelphia, PA

Many people value the appearance and health of their teeth. Some even go the extra mile to have their dental troubles corrected and achieve their dream smiles. Remember that having beautiful looking teeth is not enough, it should also be well-protected to maintain its appearance.

At Premier Dentistry of Philadelphia, aside from offering cosmetic dentistry treatments that can enhance the look of the teeth, we can also perform the application of dental sealants for added protection. For those who are unfamiliar about the treatment, here are some facts about dental sealants.

Sealants are Advantageous

Despite the proper practice of brushing, flossing, and rinsing, there are still some areas in the mouth that can be vulnerable to bacteria. Sealants act as a protection for the teeth that are most susceptible to damage like the molars and premolars. What makes these teeth more prone to decay is due to their location and form. The natural pits on their surfaces can be too narrow and deep to be cleaned by simply brushing with a soft-bristled toothbrush. As a result, it can home acid-producing bacteria that can gradually wear down the enamel resulting to cavities.

Fast and Painless

What worries most patients about a certain dental treatment is the pain and discomfort associated with it. Us at Premier Dentistry of Philadelphia assure our patients that the procedure is straightforward and it would not require the removal of any teeth structures. After cleaning, drying, and etching the chewing surfaces, the sealant material will be applied using a small brush. It would then move freely down the pits due to its liquidity. The application can be completed in a single sitting.

Avoids the Need for Future Dental Procedures

By eliminating the way for bacteria to gain access to the teeth, patients are assured that their chances of preventing the occurrence of cavities are increased. In return, any oral complication that has decay as its main culprit will be eradicated as well.


Dental sealants are meant to last long. To ensure this, patients should observe the practice of proper oral hygiene, adequate care, and regular dental visits. As soon as the dentist notices that the sealant is not functioning correctly, reapplication may be necessary.

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