Why is your dentist calling you and mailing you cards telling you it’s been 6 months and they miss you? Well the 6 month recall has become a standard in the field of dentistry, and there is a reason for it. Simply put, the 6 month recall is the best way to ensure early detection on any issues that might effect your oral health. This includes cavities, periodontal disease and oral cancer. You’re not just visiting the dentist for a cleaning every 6 months, you’re seeing a highly trained individual who knows how to look for early indicators and prevent issues that could become more serious.

The 6 month recall is also an opportunity to have a dentist and hygienist evaluate your brushing technique, are you flossing? You should be flossing. You’ll also have the chance to ask questions and have a dental professional educate you on the latest dental techniques and practices. The removal of tartar is another benefit because once plaque has hardened and becomes tartar it can’t be removed by just brushing, a professional knows just what to do. I know you might think you brush regularly enough, but did you know it only takes about 26 hours for plaque to harden? Just over a day! With the 6 month recall you’ll also get the chance to have a fluoride varnish which helps strengthen your teeth further preventing cavities and decay. You want a beautiful smile and we want you to have one, a healthy one.

If you needed more reason it’s also important to note that should something be detected, a cavity, gingivitis, excess tartar or anything that could become a bigger problem, this visit is the one where we find the issue and start taking action to prevent it from becoming more serious. Should something be detected, this standard visit is where we work on a treatment plan to make sure you’re always going to have a beautiful, healthy smile.

Don’t let your oral health fall by the wayside. Keep up with those 6 month recalls and commit yourself to a healthy smile for life!

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