In the booming business sector of Center City Philadelphia, twenty somethings and thirty somethings are running here, there, everywhere before, during and after work. It takes a lot of time and dedication to work your way up the corporate ladder, especially when you’re just getting started. While working hard and building your career is your top priority, you also strive to maximize what little free time you have. This time is precious, so why would you ever waste it on something like a trip to the dentist?

We’re sure as a kid you were made to visit your family dentist once every six months. These bi-annual trips helped establish the healthy oral care routine you exercise today. These visits also contributed to those pearly whites you flash in interviews, meetings and around the office. Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. In fact, 48% of America believes the smile is a person’s most memorable feature, as mentioned among other smile statistics in relation to the benefits of veneers.

Being that the smile is such an important part of a person’s image, wouldn’t it stand to reason that maintaining it is of the utmost importance for your career? That’s why dentists are so insistent on scheduling your next appointment just as your current one is ending. The six month recall is the key to a healthy, attractive smile.

Photo by Steve Wilson / CC BY

If you’ve been pushing your appointments and struggling to find time in your schedule for this important check up, you need a dentist who can accommodate you. Lucky for you one of the top dentists in Philadelphia is conveniently located right around the corner from your office!

Located at 16th and Walnut, Premier Dentistry of Philadelphia is the go-to dentist for young professionals in Center City. Don’t waste a moment, or much, of your free time. Schedule appointments with us before work, after work or even on your lunch break!

We understand and appreciate the scheduling difficulties faced by young professionals in Philadelphia. Call us today and we’ll work with you to schedule an appointment during a time that’s most convenient for you!

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