In the land of Hollywood where careers hinge upon looks, a smile is everything. When under the limelight, even the most handsome devils and gorgeous gals find they could use some dental work. Here are 10 celebrities whose flawless and unforgettable smiles are all thanks to veneers:

While the benefits of veneers are mostly cosmetic, there’s no shame in wanting to better your smile. After all, there’s real value in a great smile. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) found that 45% of Americans believe the smile is a person’s most attractive feature. The AACD also found that when it comes to first impressions, 48% of America believes the smile is the most memorable part of meeting someone, compared to 25% who feel someone’s first words are the most memorable.

People typically get veneers to conceal discolored or stained teeth that just won’t respond to whitening treatments. Veneers not only help to cover up current stains, but work to prevent future ones. They are stain resistant, especially for coffee, tea and cigarettes.

Veneers also conceal cracked or chipped teeth and cover up gaps or misalignments. Usually veneers are made in a color to match your teeth or, if you wish, one that’s even whiter. It is very difficult to discern veneers from natural teeth, so there’s no chance of your smile looking fake or unnatural.

Most veneers are ceramic or porcelain and are wafer-thin. The veneers process begins with one of our dentists taking a mold of your tooth or teeth. Next, we send it into a dental lab where they create the properly sized, unique-to-your teeth veneers. Your veneers usually arrive back at our office within 5-10 business days. At this point, we bring you in to attach the veneers to the front surface of your tooth or teeth.

Shortly after we place your veneers, you will have to come in for a follow-up appointment. However, after that, your veneers won’t require any special care. Just be sure to keep up with your usual brushing and flossing—oh and of course, regular visits with us!

Great smiles spark confidence. They help generate good feelings and help with stress release. Not only that, but they’re contagious! Flashing your pearly whites will bring joy to both you and others. If getting veneers sounds like the right option for you, then call us today to schedule a visit: 215-564-1025!