Each of our patients at Premier Dentistry of Philadelphia are unique and have unique needs to achieve optimal oral health. For this reason, we create personalized treatment plans for each and every one of our patients. What is a treatment plan? Think of it as a prescription that the dentist writes to address your oral health needs. Treatment plans are a list of actions that are necessary for you to take based upon the conditions that are present in your teeth and gums. It acts as a schedule with the order of treatment that you will need to fix any problems and to prevent further damage.

To create a treatment plan we start with thorough evaluation of your teeth and gums, identifying any conditions that are present which may need to be treated. Once these conditions have been identified then it’s time to list them and discuss ways to intervene and even identify treatment alternatives. As an example, we see many patients who grind their teeth, when this wear is detected during an exam or cleaning, we will instruct you to take preventative measures. We’ll explain to you what types of things can cause grinding and what sort of serious damage can be caused by it. We may add to your treatment plan that you should get impressions for a night guard, or maybe even treatment plan alignment as your solution if your teeth are not aligned.

Treatment plans are especially important to follow just as prescribed, your dentist wants you to reach your optimal oral health goals. Our job is to make sure you’ve got a healthy mouth but the only way that works is if you’re committed to the plan of action set in your treatment plan. We can’t stress enough that a treatment plan isn’t a list of ‘suggested’ actions, it’s a list and schedule of actions required by a doctor to prevent more serious issues. Tooth loss, bone loss, further decay, gum disease, oral cancer are just some of the serious problems that can be prevented by committing to the treatment plan given to you. We want you to smile confidently knowing that you’re taking your oral health seriously!

Remember that your mouth is the gateway to your body. Your oral health is very important to your overall health and the best way you can get a great start on living a healthy lifestyle is by committing to the treatment plan prescribed to you by your doctor.

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