We know how important a gorgeous smile is for a bride and we wanted to share some tips on keeping your smile bright. Teeth whitening has long been sought after by brides who are preparing to walk down the aisle, so I asked around our office for whitening tips and got some really great advice from our Doctors and hygienists. Here’s some teeth whitening insight for you brides, bridesmaids, grooms and groomsmen to keep your pearly whites extra white for the nuptials.

TEETH WHITENING BEFORE WEDDING Drink everything through a straw. 5 out of 5 dental professionals in this office offered this as their first thought on keeping or making teeth whiter. A simple step and certainly one I see put into practice daily here at Premier Dentistry of Philadelphia. Walk into our lunchroom at any given time and you’ll see those mugs and cups with straws hanging out. If you’ve got your date nailed down, or are still in the early stages of planning, be sure to make this a habit to help keep your teeth whiter.

Avoid dark foods and beverages that may stain your teeth. I know this one sounds awful, no more red wine, and dark chocolate isn’t great either. Some other popular foods to avoid when you’re looking for a brighter smile are berries, tea, coffee, deep colored sauces (yep this includes tomato sauce), and acidic foods and drinks (sports drinks). Steer clear of these if you’re hoping to avoid deepening stains on your teeth.

Rinse and brush after eating. Take a few moments after a meal to swish with some water and then give your teeth a light brushing to remove residue that could lead to stains. Use a soft bristled tooth brush, always.

Try out a whitening toothpaste. Often times you’ll see gradual results from a whitening paste. Some of these remove surface stains caused by smoking and coffee. A few of these pastes contain blue covarine which gives the immediate impression of whiter teeth, but really this is an optical illusion.

Peroxide and baking soda. It’s an old trick, but it works much like the whitening pastes. The added bonus is that you can find directions all over the internet, How to Whiten Teeth with Hydrogen Peroxide on sites such as WikiHow for example. You’ll remove those surface stains, but you’re not going to be able to eradicate those that are deeper than the surface of the teeth.

KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching System. The other tips and tricks are things you can try at home, but even those aren’t going to drastically change your smile. If years of eating and drinking have darkened your smile why not try out something that really works and with a bit of at home maintenance, can be a permanent solution?

Did you know that brides-to-be get free cosmetic consultations here at our office? Don’t hesitate, give us a call and let us help you achieve your dream smile on your dream day.